A magical world comes to life with ‘lil Fairy Doors


When a customer came to my shop a while ago and told me she had purchased a ‘lil Fairy Door from Australia, but it wouldn’t come in time for her niece’s birthday, this intrigued me. What is this must-have gift for a 9 year-old child that was worthy of the international journey??

lil Fairy Mailbox - Red_2 'lil Fairy Footprints  'lil Pixie Door_2

‘Lil Fairy Doors are tiny doors that, once they are attached, allow children to have visits from little fairies into their bedrooms at night…..this toy opens up a whole world of imaginative play!

Sally Copus, founder of ‘lil Fairy Door, tells us in a cute,  short video why these doors & accessories are an international success.

I’m so excited to open up this world of fairy stories for little children!

I predict these will be a huge hit for holidays. To ensure that your loved one will be receiving this magical gift, fill out this contact form and you will be among the first to be notified when they arrive. Or, if you would rather pre-purchase them go here: Fairy Doors, Pixie Doors, Mushrooms, Fairy Mailboxes, Fairy Tea Set, Fairy Letters, Fairy Footprint Stencils, Fairy Dust–oooh so fun!! We are currently waiting for the container of Fairy Magic to clear U.S. customers. I am hoping they will be here by end of  November–crossing fairy fingers!

Finally, I would like add that I would have LOVED this as a kid. My fairy would be named Lady Queenie and she would magically make all the imagined snakes under my bunk bed disappear at night. She would leave me my favorite candy treats, miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups. She would also leave me notes of how much she loved my penmanship.

What is the name of your fairy and what wishes would she grant you?

With a sprinkle of magic & fairy dust,

Toyshopkeeper Katherine


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