A “Secret” Meditation


Everyone know that mom = tight schedule, distractions, stress, little “me” time, and always questionable kid-stuff on your hair or clothes. I’m proudly part this  mom-sanity-seeking populous bunch of women, enjoying motherhood and surviving it at the same time. For years now, I have found easy-to-access “me” time involves a late night generous glass of my favorite wine (Cass Cabernet)and working on a 1000-pc Ravensburger puzzle.

Here are some of my recent completions:

puzzle 1000 landscape 

  puzzle 1000 candy with wine

Recently, a friend sent me this link from The New York Times

I immediately wanted to try my artistic hand as revealing beautiful garden pictures full of trees, leaves, flowers and birds. I ordered a small quantity for the toy shop, because many of my customers, mostly moms, are parched for ways to unwind.

I was immediately hooked as soon as the coloring books arrived. I love everything – the beautiful illustrations, bringing flowers and butterflies to colorful life, and the sound of the marker scratching on the parchment in the silent night, while my family is sleeping. Coloring is my new meditative state.

Listen to that sound:

I’m no Liudmila Kondakova, but I am quite proud of my artistic work. My kids ask almost daily if I have completed something new. Here are a couple of completed pages from my personal copy of The Secret Garden.

secret garden 1  secret garden 2

The moms in my community have reaffirmed my presumption that moms NEED this. Building Blocks has gone from ordering 30 books to hundreds, including new titles Enchanted Forest and Ocean Life (fall).

I have also been obsessing over the craft supplies that are perfect for these books. For advanced colorists I recommend Staedtler fineliner and fibertip markers–Johanna Basford uses these! We import from Italy the Carioca brand or art supplies. I recommend those for all levels of artistic coloring from beginners to advanced. The fine nib markers come in 36 colors that produce bold colors but have a watercolor effect. They are also superwashable with just water so if you have little ones around you don’t have to worry if they get into the markers (nontoxid too, of course). The brilliant color pencils are very smooth to use and the colors are vibrant. We offer all these fun supplies at Building Blocks. We also have a selection of metallic pencils and markers, brush-tip (also my favorite!) markers, glitter markers, watercolor pencils, and many other supplies that I love to have for variety and added fun during color time.

9/2 update. Here are my recommendations for art supplies.

Have you tried this new form of relaxing? How do you de-stress?

Share with me in comments.

Peace-out 🙂



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