Candy your kids WANT in their basket!


We know that candy is bad for kids…well, for most adults too. But let’s be honest about why we don’t really want to fill  our Easter baskets with marshmallows, chocolate, jelly beans, and the nougats, caramel and whatever the mystery creme is inside a Cadbury egg. THE SUGAR HIGH. Whoever said it was a myth sure didn’t come to my house when we left the Halloween loot unsupervised for half an hour.

Here’s some fun, non cavity-causing, sweet treats for your kid’s basket:

1. Japanese erasers. Brought to you by the masters of “cute”

japanese erasers

2. Scented stickers. Sniffing won’t give you empty calories.

scented stickers


3. Chocolate Fix. It’s Brain Candy.

chocolate fix

4. Candyland. It’s a very tasty place.

candland retro

5. Gummy bear swim goggles. Need I say more?


What are your favorite non-candy basket stuffers?

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