“I’m a bad mommy”


This past weekend my daughter was role playing with her brother. She was the mommy and he was the child. He pretended to need all sorts of things like milk, a burp, cuddling, and all the sweet things a child needs from his mother. As they played I could overhear my daughter say “oh, well then I’m a bad mommy”. My heart stopped and I felt a twinge of achiness. After hearing several variations of the phrase: “I’m a bad mom”, I couldn’t concentrate on my work any longer and asked her about it. Her non-answer was typical of 4 year old child, but I pressed on, asking in different ways where she got that idea.

“Well, Marie (not her real name) says it all the time when we play at school”.

Moms everywhere, I have a challenge and a personal request for you. This is for the sake of all our children, particularly our daughters. This is for the sake of moms everywhere. This is for your sake. Please stop saying to yourself, your community, and your children: “I’m a bad mother”. I take this pledge as well, with you, to never say it again.

kat and tai 2011

Every day I am moved and inspired by my customers, most of whom are moms. The stories they share about what they are up to for their families, their kids  are AMAZING. One mom told me during her holiday shopping at Building Blocks that she takes down her tree on Dec 26 because her son’s birthday is on the 28th and she wants him to feel special for those days and not be overshadowed by the holiday. Another moms drives her 3 kids to 3 different schools, every day, so they may get the best schooling for their needs. I could cry many joyous tears while I share endless stories like this. The things a mother would do for her child and show her love is limitless.

You, mom reader, are a miracle worker. You are a healer. You are a warm blanket. You are magician. You are everything beautiful to your children. Every day is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to children who have loving parents in their lives. You are chiseling away at that gift when you speak such damaging words that have no basis on reality. To make mistakes or falter is to show our kids what it means to be human and to forgive oneself.

You, mom reader, are a good mother.


Toyshopkeeper Katherine



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