Calling all builders! BRICK FEST LIVE Chicago


What: Brick Fest Live Chicago, Lego Fan Experience

Who: Kids of all ages, and their super awesome parents

Where: Donald E Stephens Convention Center, 9291 Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont IL 60018

Why: Because building with blocks/Legos helps your child develop:

*motor skills

*hand-eye coordination

*spacial skills

*divergent/creative thinking

*social & language skills


TIPS: 1. kids under 2 attend for FREE. 2. there’s a Groupon for that. 3. wear comfortable shoes & a colorful outfit for pictures 4. make an agreement with your kid prior to attending if you do not want to shop the pop-up Lego store. 5. ENJOY!

GIVEAWAY: Enter here to win a family 4-pack of tickets. Enter by Sunday 9/27/15.

lego edison 2 lego duplo baby lego catbirdbaby

lego ivy  lego nora walsh kerr

lego amanda simkin  lego mia  lego masterbuilder

Thank you to my Chicago Moms in Business friends for these pictures:, CatBird Baby, Easy Tax Appeals, Eva Ho Photography, Queen of the Land of Twigs ‘N Berries

Everything is awesome!


Color the Garden


Many of you have asked me what supplies you need for your coloring books. I’m so glad you asked me because I’ve been having so much fun researching and experimenting. I’m so excited to share my findings.I looked into many brands and tested a lot of different options. I also factored in pricing for my recommendations. We do not need to be stressing over breaking bank in order to have fun and relax! My research is based on the book I am currently coloring, Secret Garden.

In order to color in very fine details like this page, I recommend Steadtler Fineliner Markers (10 pc pack or 20 pc pack)

secret coloring book page

I prefer markers over pencils for the instant gratification of beautiful colors appearing without much effort. Plus, there’s the scratching sound when you use markers that I LOVE. I also mentioned how addicted to the meditative sound I am in my recent blog post about how relaxing and fun coloring is. Be careful to check the paper thickness of your particular coloring book’s pages before using markers. I find that your household Sharpie-type permanent markers have too much dye in them and will not work in general. Most markers that we have at home have tips that are also too big.

This page was colored using 1mm fine tip markers and watercolor pencils:

secret garden page 2

 My type are favorite are Steadtler fiber tip 20 or Carioca 36 fine tip Markers

Every colorist should have color pencils to shade, blend, or fill in bigger coloring sections. Watercolor pencils seem to require the least effort with the richest colors.

Here’s a page that has mostly Staedtler watercolor pencils which I prefer:

secret garden page 3

But the regular Staedtler color pencils pack comes in 48 colors!

So I have both sets in my supplies pouch 🙂

secret garden page 4

Finally, don’t forget to have fun with glitter markers, metallic brush tip markers, neon and gel pens (coming soon to the web site. available in our shops).

Here’s a peek at how fun glitter & metallic can make your garden:

metallic flower glitter flower secret garden page 6

I hope you share in comments about your coloring adventures.

Happy coloring!


Green is the new black!


To say that I love everything about Green Toys doesn’t closely express how truly passionate I am about these products. Every parent wants these for their kids and kids prefer these awesome toys. Let me tell you why:


-so durable, not even a sumo wrestler can break them (ok, maybe a sumo wrestler)

-made in the USA out of 100% recycled milk jugs. Even the packaging is minimal and 100% receycled materials. Can we ask for any purchase for our that makes us feel that much better about being a do-gooder for our planet and our country??

-super safe & nontoxic. When they get dirty, just put it in the dishwasher. I like the top rack.

green toys construction truck


-are you sick of your parents telling you that you can’t bring a toy to the bath? Tell them Green Toys are waterproof and even more fun with water!

-do you like to play at the beach or in a sandbox? Who doesn’t?? All the Green Toys are easily washable from dirt and sand!

-these toys are fun! Get lost in your own world with a submarine, rocket ship, helicopter, tea set, tractor, tugboat, watering can, tool set and many more cool toys to choose from!

I love offering Green Toys at Building Blocks Toy Store and my kids have been enjoying them for years. My son’s favorite toy for 2 the past years is his Green Toys Seaplane and and my daughter’s favorite is the Fire Truck. Dump Truck is the earned the title of “Mayor” of our sandbox.


1 Ferry Boat with 2 Cars

1 set of Building Blocks

1 3-part Train with 2 cute figures

1 Airplane

1 Recycling Truck

My kids approve of my selection…

green toys tai linh chest


Entries through 8/31/15

Forever Green,