My “Bucket List” of Summer Toys


Summer is finally here and this is what we survived the Polar Vortex for. Don’t let sun and warm weather slip past you without making a “bucket list” to ensure your family has a fun-filled summer. Whether that list includes hitting our many Chicago beaches, backyard barbecues, or visiting one of the many water-slashing Chicago Parks,  I’ve got my “bucket list” of toys that will make it an unforgettable summer!

Zorbz Self Sealing Water Balloons

Just pinch for a second after filling it and you’re ready to fire!


Bow & Arrow Set

A Hunger games summer. May the weather be ever in our favor!

bow arrow

Unicorn Pogo Jumper

It’s way more fun when you’re jumping around with your own unicorn.

unicorn pogo jumper


The winner of the foam sabers duel snags the first hot dog from the grill.

mashoonga kids


Bubble Robot

No words needed to tell you how cool this toy is. Just watch this video:

Have a great summer friends!


Katherine, toyshopkeeper

P.S. Would you like to win a set of these cool toys? Tell me what should be on this list by submitting your entry HERE and you could be the lucky random winner!